MASOA-logo-webThe last days of July were very nerve racking as it remained unclear whether an an even worse amended version of H4185 (click here) would come out of Ways & Means, or whether a simple Net Metering Cap increase amendment would surface, and with luck, replace H4185 and all the damage to the state solar industry it would bring. Many brave legislators withstood the lobbying pressures of the utilities and large-out-of-state solar investors and in the waning hours of July 31st chose to “Just Raise the Cap” by amending H4385 to raise the Net Meter Cap 1% for the private sector, and 2% for the public sector, assuring numerous stalled projects to go ahead (click here).

MASOA must also commend the tireless efforts of many of our members, such as Claire Chang and John Ward, who, along with many other members of other solar and environmental groups, challenged the utility friendly media and their misleading reporting to explain the many failings and dangers of H4185 to legislators (click here for Greenfield Recorder story). Also as part of this Net Meter Cap increase there will be a Task Force of 17 members, and though sadly most of these members will be the same people who gave us H4185, MASOA hopes that we can get at least one representative to be allowed to participate in this effort that is scheduled to begin meeting in October and finish by April 2015.

On the plus side, H4185 crisis has more than doubled MASOA’s membership, and it is now finally time to elect a Board of Directors and for MASOA to become a fully fledged non-profit organization. There is an urgency to do this soon as becoming a legal entity will give MASOA credibility for Task Force consideration by the Governor … so if you are a MASOA member, or wish to be (click here), and if you have a few hours a month to help out, please consider becoming a Board Member. More on this in the next MASOA newsletter to be sent out soon.

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