As the saying goes … “help us to help you.” For the past ten years those of us who heard the calls for change because our planet climate is changing, not for the better, and our use of fossil fuels is in large part the reason. We, both pioneers (pre 2010) and current investors in solar energy have for the most part “gone it alone.” When we chose an installer we looked in the yellow pages, or with luck, knew someone who could make a recommendation, and if we chose the wrong installer … we were on our own. But it is after the installation, the system is running well, that we are truly alone in deciding who to broker our Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or after 2010 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), who to turn to when the electric utility decides to not credit your Net-Metering, or the town Assessors tax you for personal property on your solar installation.

3 comments on “New Organization to Represent Solar Owners

  1. Mary Biddle

    I’m interested in a solar owners’ association because I’m about to purchase solar for my own home in MA. It’s an important purchase ecologically, and a big investment financially. I have many questions. I’m definitely interested in supporting a group who can help me with answers and go to bat for me at the state house when residential solar needs a DH. Thanks Chris, Chris, Dan, John and Tom for getting this started. I’d like to help in any way I can.
    Mary Biddle
    Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)

  2. Chris Kilfoyle

    I’m so pleased trailblazer solar owners are forming this organization. PV owners need a coordinated voice on policy issues; especially small system owners have been surprised over the years by decisions in the solar arena that omit their needs. We’ll be encouraging our customers to join. Thanks so much for forming what will be a national model for solar advocacy.

  3. Chris Kilfoyle

    Over 20 of our past PV customers in recent weeks have expressed real interest in joining the organization. As we get calls with questions on policy , RECS and SRECS and the complexity of figuring out how the net meter credits are reported and valued on utility bills we tell folks about Masoa .org .
    We’re looking forward to MASOA reaching the point soon where it can legally form.

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