Mission & Charter


We the Massachusetts Solar Owners Association (MASOA) believe that solar energy collection installations are desirable and necessary to achieve clean renewable energy independence and that they are a vital component of the solution for climate change. The purpose of our organization is to educate current and future solar owners through unbiased information so as to maximize their investment and to advocate for their interests at the state level.


1. The MASOA shall seek to become a Non-Profit organization at such time that there is an elected Board of Directors by MASOA members.

2. Board of Directors (Board): There shall be no more than nine (9) Board of Directors, who shall conduct meetings under Robert’s Rules. Officers shall be elected annually by the Board and include a Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, as well as other officers and subcommittees as the Board may determine. The Board shall be the Founders* until such time as there are fifty (50) Members, at such time the Board shall be elected and serve staggered terms of no more than five (5) years, and no less than three (3) years. The Board may fill by vote any vacancy resulting from resignation. Board membership is voluntary and members are not required to be solar owners or be a voting MASOA member.

  • Duties of the Board shall include the management of: the MASOA web page; Member, Associate Member, and Sponsor data (to remain confidential); any working relationship with any other organization; and all financial transactions and obligations.
  • The Board will seek out any and all available grants, and internships.
  • The Board may from time to time appoint Advocates. An Advocate may be a Board member, and may be compensated for their service.
*A Founder is someone who has been invited to attend the MASOA meeting July 22, 2013, and/or subsequent meetings prior to an election of a Board of Directors by MASOA members.

3. Voting Membership (Members) to MASOA is by a single PV and/or Thermal system owner, or a single representative of a multi-ownership installation (such as a coop), and pays annual dues of twenty-five ($25) dollars. Members may be individual, business or an organization provided the solar installation(s) is by direct ownership and the solar energy is used predominantly by the solar owner(s). Each member is entitled to one vote. Member benefits include notice of meetings, conferences, monthly emailed newsletter, access to “member only” portions of web page, and discounts from select sponsors (these include products and conferences).

4. Non-Voting Associate Membership to MASOA is open to all individuals who wish to support the mission of MASOA and pay annual dues of ten ($10) dollars. Benefits include notice of meetings, conferences, emailed monthly newsletter and special “associate member” discounts from select sponsors.

5. Non-Voting Sponsorship to MASOA is offered to Solar Installers, Solar Equipment Supplier/manufacturers, and Renewable Energy Organizations. Sponsors pay annual dues. Benefits include notice of conferences, and monthly emailed newsletter.

6. Member/Sponsor Recruitment to MASOA shall be by asking Solar Installers/Organizations to web link and recommend us to their clients; MASOA booths at renewable energy conferences; email recipients of RECs and SRECs; contributing articles to renewable energy publications and websites.

7. MASOA Website shall include: A solar owners forum (blog); List of Board (Founders) Members; Membership/Sponsor information and sign up; current state solar policies and incentives and; List of Sponsors; Other information as determined by the Board.

8. Charter Changes and Amendments: Prior to adopting an elected Board, a quorum of Founders may by majority vote change or amend this Charter. A majority vote of a quorum of elected Board members may propose changes or amendments to be voted by voting members. A Petition of twenty-five or ten percent of members (which ever is greater) of voting members will require the Board to include proposed changes or amendments on the ballot of the next MASOA election. Changes or amendments proposed by the Board or Member Petition require a two-thirds vote of the membership to be adopted.

9. Voting: Member voting shall be conducted by internet polling and offered to voting members only. Member names and data shall remain confidential. In the event of non-binding surveys open to all MASOA interested persons, respondents names and other data shall also remain confidential.