RECs (Class 1) Questions

If you installed a solar or other renewable energy electric system prior to 2010 you are eligible for RECs. Like a SREC, Class 1 REC (Renewable Energy Credit) the credit is given for each 1000 Kilowatt Hours (Megawatt) produced by your system. You must sign up with a REC broker and have a solar meter that either reports your solar production directly, or you report them on a monthly basis to DOER. The price per REC has varied from $60 in 2006 to $30 at the end of 2012. The price for RECs has improved in 2013, and some brokers have been able to get $64, but they will likely never be equal to an SREC even though they are identical when produced by solar. To start to understand RECs we encourage you to go to the DOER website

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  1. Earle Barnhart

    Falmouth, MA
    I have 2 PV systems on residential house
    – one is 3.1 kw installed 2009 — has an inverter/accumulating meter
    – one is 2.5 kw installed 2010 — has a dedicated production meter
    NStar interconnection approval 2/5/10 (ID 573) for total facility of 5.6 kw
    To date we have not applied for RECs or SREC s. Apparetnly we are a Class 1 facility.
    We would like to apply for credits; please advise re: an aggregator that we can apply through.

    Thanks, Earle Barnhart 508-563-3101

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