Your Stories

Yes, we want to publish your solar – renewable energy story. Tell us how you came to decide that making an investment in solar thermal (hot water) and/or solar PV (electric) was the right choice. Was it because your town participated in Solarize Mass.? A solar salesperson visited your home? Your neighbor did it and said how great it was? You got a grant or other incentive (you are a farm or small business)? Or you had been thinking about solar for a long time and the right opportunity came at the right time?

Whatever it was, send us your solar story either as a email, word doc., or PDF … include photos or even a short movie (you-tube) if you can. Let’s make this a place where future solar investors can learn from our mistakes and share in our successes. The Dept. of Energy Resources estimates there are currently over 10,000 solar installations … that’s 10,000 stories (and possible MASOA members!), and no doubt your story is as amazing as so many others.

We will start with our Founder, John Livermore, who didn’t just add solar, he totally stripped his split-level home (click here) down to the studs, expanded the walls, reinsullated, added state-of-the-art windows, and much more. Go to¬† to learn more.

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