Solar Q&A?

MASOA is proud to have on call many of New England’s finest solar experts. Whether you already have solar, or just getting ready to invest, we can help answer your questions. Use the response form below if the linked forums are missing a issue you feel is important — and feel free to ask your question here. Chances are there is already a forum addressing your question started on the drop down pages … be sure to go there first.

4 comments on “Solar Q&A?

  1. Anatol Zukerman

    Hello! I’m trying to send you information about a solar Bill H.1812 public hearing at Mass. State House, July 16, 2019. Your “Contact Us” didn’t work. Please let me know your email or telephone number.

  2. walt Dufresne

    Question; If you generate 2923kw in a three month period you get payed for two credits. What happens to the remaining 923kws ? Does it go on to the next quarter? Does it disappear? Does your broker pocket it?

    1. Admin Post author

      The remaining 923 should carry over to next quarter. Keep your own record to be sure though.

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