Commonwealth Solar II Questions

Massachusetts offers up front incentives for both solar hot water (Thermal) and solar electric (PV). These rebates are available up to 5 Kilowatt for solar electric on a per watt basis. To learn more go to:

Incentives through Commonwealth Solar II no longer available as of October 20, 2014.

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3 comments on “Commonwealth Solar II Questions

  1. Anonymous

    Why does my utility want me to have a Schedule Z?

  2. Tim

    Your utility needs a Sched Z so they know where to credit production. In many cases, the utility credit is not applied ot the meter to which the array is attached, or if the system overproduces, that credit can be applied to another account with the same utility provider.

  3. tom

    is there any bylaws protection your solar panels from blocking once it is install?

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