Welcome New Members — Boston SRECII Hearing

After beginning our new member campaign in earnest in December 2013 we are getting new sign ups every week and we are well on the way to getting the required membership to go the next phase of becoming a non-profit organization. So if you have been saying to yourself, I really should join MASOA, this would be a great time to go ahead and become a member. It is truly easy, just click on membership from our home page, go to Member levels and click, the rest takes less than five minutes including payment by PayPal.

On January 24th Founders John Livermore and Tom Thompson along with Interim Treasurer, Chris Kilfoyle and Secretary, Chris Smith attended a hearing at the State House on proposed new SRECII regulations. Mr. Smith voiced MASOA overview of proposed changes and submitted more detailed remarks to the DOER. In summary MASOA is very concerned that overall the amount of solar growth will decline drastically undermining the Governor’s goal of 1600 MW by 2020. The proposed changes will only encourage unregulated solar leasing by out-of-state large capital investors as Commonwealth Solar incentives end in June 2014 and threaten the future of small solar installers and solar ownership in Massachusetts. As a member you may read these issues in full in our January member newsletter.

Got Solar — Join MASOA

You have, or are about to, or planning to install solar electric (Photovoltaics) and/or solar hotwater (Thermal) … congratulations … together we are making the world, our environment and our children’s future better. So what is the next best thing for you to do? Well, we hope you have made your dwelling or business as energy efficient as possible, recycle, and conserve our limited resources such as water, lands, etc. There is one more thing you need to do, and it is easy, quick and very low cost, plus it will make your solar investment even more worthwhile. Join the Massachusetts Solar Owners Association!

Simply click on Membership and you go to Membership Levels. Here you can choose between Member at $25 or Associate Member $10. If you own a solar installation you can become a Member with voting privileges and access to special member only web pages. As a Associate Member you will get email alerts and other web page features such as the latest solar technologies and upcoming changes to state policies and incentives.

So why not join right now. We won’t even ask you for personal information other than your email address, and when you donate through PayPal your privacy and personal info is guaranteed secure. And we promise your email will not be sold or given to anyone or any other organization.

New Organization to Represent Solar Owners

As the saying goes … “help us to help you.” For the past ten years those of us who heard the calls for change because our planet climate is changing, not for the better, and our use of fossil fuels is in large part the reason. We, both pioneers (pre 2010) and current investors in solar energy have for the most part “gone it alone.” When we chose an installer we looked in the yellow pages, or with luck, knew someone who could make a recommendation, and if we chose the wrong installer … we were on our own. But it is after the installation, the system is running well, that we are truly alone in deciding who to broker our Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or after 2010 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), who to turn to when the electric utility decides to not credit your Net-Metering, or the town Assessors tax you for personal property on your solar installation.