CharlieBakerLast week Governor Charlie Baker said the following on WGBH radio “the thing people need to remember about solar is because it’s intermittent, it won’t help us with our baseload, the turn-on-the-lights. It’s a terrific alternative for people who have the ability the resources and the assets to put it to use for their own benefit, but in terms of being something that can actually help power the grid that supports all the rest of us, day-in, day-out 24/7 365, it’s not part of the answer to that, which something like natural gas is.” (Click here for more).

While no doubt you are rightly horrified by these remarks and this incredible level of climate science denial, but just imagine being a legislator facing a certain veto of pro-growth solar legislation, unless the legislation that comes out of Senate/House Conference Committee kills solar first … which is very likely. There is also the option of doing nothing, starving solar of new Net Metering and SRECs, and forcing solar installers into bankruptcy as we saw with Next Step Living just two weeks ago, something the House and Governor seem comfortable with.

If this future is unacceptable to you, please join MassPowerForward, they will be lobbying legislators from 10 am to 2:30 pm on March 29, 2016. Come to Nurse’s Hall at the Statehouse in Boston where a member of Mass Power Forward will have materials for you. There will be an event to recognize supportive legislators in Nurse’s Hall in the Statehouse at 2:30.

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Last Modified: March 26, 2016

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