In the last few months’ solar PV growth has been under attack from a variety of sources beginning with the DOER whose new proposed legislation is designed to severely slow new solar growth through proposed changes in the SREC2 program (members see more on this at “Member Pages”). Now it is Net Metering that is facing new proposed legislation designed to restrict new solar growth, and would require current Net Metering participants to pay fees to continue to receive net metering credit. Senator Rodrigues has filed bill S2030 under the misleading title “An act reducing the cost of solar power through increased competition.” Those of you who are familiar with the Orwellian term doublespeak will understand after reading this proposed legislation that the reduction of cost of solar energy means the elimination of solar net meter incentives and the reference of increased competition actually means allowing fossil fuels to again be the utilities dominate energy source unfettered by Net Metering or REC/SREC pollution penalties. Another bill S2019, while far from what MASOA would like to see, keeps Net Metering capacity open for two years until such time a “committee” determines new percentage caps (members can see full versions of these bills and MASOA response). A Senate/House joint committee begins review of both bills March 11th. MASOA encourages all solar owners to contact their senators and representatives to stand up against the utilities attempt to end Net Metering. MAKE NO MISTAKEif you own solar, this new legislation affects YOU! Now is the time to join MASOA (click here), with your support we can keep solar growing in Massachusetts.


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  1. Kyle

    When I heard about this bill (2030), I couldn’t believe it. I go to GCC right now and I take every opportunity I can to bring this up. However as it stands right now all I am doing is raising awareness for it. I just found a reply on this site to write letters, email, and call our legislators to speak against it. What else is there that we can be doing to help make sure that this doesn’t go though.

    Thanks to any one who reponds

  2. Christopher Derby Kilfoyle

    Keep telling your friends about the legislation and encourage them to join MASOA
    Associate membership is $10.00
    Strength in numbers MASOA is growing

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